8 Fun Ice Breakers for a Drama Class.

1. Name and Go
This game works well as an ice breaker for students to learn each other’s names.
The students will stand in a circle. They will each take it turns to tell the group their name.  The students will then move onto the main aim of the exercise. They must choose another student say another person’s name in the circle and walk to them. The chosen student must say someone else’s name before the other student reaches them. If they do not say another student name before the other student reaches them, they are out of the game.

  1. Opposite Game
    This exercise is great to use as a warm up at the beginning of a class/lesson.
    Instruct the students to walk around in the space. You will then introduce word such as, jump, go and stop. So, when you say Jump; they jump, when you say go; they go etc.

    Jump = Jump
    Go = Go
    Stop = Stop

    For the second stage you will explain how the words will mean the opposite, so;

    Jump = Don’t jump
    Go = Stop
    Stop = Carry on walking (go)

    Feel free to add you own instructions and opposite words to this game to make things more exciting for the students.

    3. Cat and Mouse
    Cat and mouse is almost like a game of tag with a twist.
    Get your students into pairs. There must be one pair left at the end that you can split into the cat and the mouse. The cat will start at one end of the room and the mouse at the other. The cat must tag the muse before they join another pair.

Step 1: The cat will begin to chase the mouse.
Step 2: The mouse must run away and try to join a pair.
Step 3: Once the mouse is successful the individual on the opposite end of where the mouse just joined then becomes the mouse.

You decide when the cat needs to swap role with someone else.

  1. Copying Game
    This game is a lot like wink murder.
    Choose a student to leave the room.
    You then choose another student that all the other students in the circle will copy movements from.
    Let the student back into the room and they must guess who the leader is.
    They have three guesses to try to figure out who it is.

    5. Story Maker
    Get the students to sit in a circle.
    You then start the story of with basic sentence; e.g. Once upon a time there was a little girl…
    Each student must add a sentence to the story.
    It amazing how much the story develops just by each story adding a sentence.
    You choose when you want the story to end. Just tell the students to come to and ending.

    6. Fruit Bowl
    Get your students to sit in a circle on chairs.
    You then stand in the middle and ask them to shout out their favourite fruit. The top three fruits that you hear are the ones that you will use for this game. So, for example if the top three fruits were apple, mango and pear. You would then go around the circle and give each student a fruit in the order of apple, mango and pear.
    If you shout pear – The student that are Pears must change seats. It’s the same for mango and apple.
    If you shout fruit salad then everyone must get up and change seats.

    7. Somebody Moved
    This game is very much like the copying game and wink murder.
    Sit your students in a circle.
    One student will leave the room and the teacher will pick a student to move to a different area in the circle.
    You will then invite the student who went outside back into the room.
    They have three guesses to try and figure out who the person is who moved.

    8. Human Knot
    Students need to be in smaller teams for this game.
    Split your students into group of 5/7 and tell them to make a circle.
    They then have to join hands across the circle. ~
    Their left hand – Joins someone else’s right hand.
    Their right hand – Joins someone else’s left hand.
    They then have a limit of 5 minutes to try and untangle themselves from the human knot. The first group to succeed is the winner.


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