Drama Student Tips: Cheap Resources.

In my first year at university I have realised that being a Drama student can be expensive. Not because of living costs (e.g.food, accommodation and transport) but because the cost of buying costumes, props for performances and text books for the course can take up a large part of your student loan. In this post I want to give my top tips on how to find the cheapest resources for your course.


1. Make the most out of local charity shops:
Charity shops are amazing for finding cheap clothing. Most of the best costumes I have owned have been bought fro charity shops. You have such a variety to choose from and because your not paying a lot for an item of clothing you don’t mind if it gets ruined during a performance.

2. Throwing away old clothing? Don’t throw away everything. 
When I’ve been in shows in the past I’ve thrown away old clothing a week before and then realised I should have kept a certain top or skirt because I could have used it as part of my costume. It is so annoying when this happens, so, my advice would to be think about what your are throwing away. If you can use it again keep it in a box somewhere;you will have a supply of costumes and save yourself some money.

3. Learn to sew. 
Some of my best accessories for costumes have been sewn from old pieces of fabric and jewelry. Get yourself a sewing kit; it only needs to be very basic and a glue gun. Use the glue gun to stick on any decorations like sequins, rhinestones, lace etc



1. Make the most out of your Universities prop cupboard.
Don’t go out and buy any props for your performance until you have scoured the prop cupboard at your University. You never know what hidden gems you might find in there. They might have exactly what you are looking for.

2. Charity shops, charity props. 
Again, I cannot express how important it is to look around local charity shops in the city centre. You might pay a couple of pounds and find all of the props you need for your performance.

3. Ask your friends.
If you are looking for props asks your friends. They are most likely going to be your best recourse. Whether you need to borrow a pair of slippers or a whisk…it is likely that they will have something you can make use of.


Text Books

Amazon has some amazing books for as little a 1p. Yeah, you have to pay £2.50 for postage but for the quality of the books your are getting it’s not a massive deal. You might be paying £2.51 for a book that is worth £30 brand new.

2. Go to the library.
It is so important that you go to the library as soon as your given an essay to complete. If your leaving your work till the last minute chances are all of the best books have been taken from the library and you will only only have articles online. The books with best references always go first. You need a variety of resources.

3. Second hand books.
Go to your nearest charity shop and ask if they have any books on Theatre. The Charity shops in the town centre near my university have an amazing selection of books that have been donated by past students. I only found out about this shop at the end of my first year and I wish that I had found it sooner!

Thank you for reading @thedramastudentblog

If there are any questions, please leave a comment.


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