I would like to welcome you to TheDramaStudentBlog.

I was inspired to write this blog because I felt that the resources available for drama students online are very limited.
I often search for something on Google when trying to complete a piece of work and spend hours trying to find the right information. So, I wanted to provide a library of information that is all in one place to assist drama students with their studies.

My articles will focus on:
– Drama Games and Exercises
– Drama Student Surveys
– Reading lists
– Fact-files of Practitioners
– Drama book reviews
– Finding cheap resources
– My Work and Performances at Uni
– How to make the perfect portfolio
– Analyzing my essays
– How to prepare for auditions
– How to understand Shakespeare
– Theatre reviews
– How to relax after a stressful day of rehearsals
– Vocal health (beginners guide)
– Physical Theatre

And much, much more…

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