An Introduction to Greek Theatre.

Over the last few centuries, theatre has developed into a form of worldwide visual entertainment through the mediums of theatre, TV and television.However, we often forget the roots of of where this art form originated; Ancient Greece. Festival of Dionysus: Greek Theatre started with the festival; ‘City Dionysia’. ‘Dionysus’ was the God of wine, theatre and festivity and … More An Introduction to Greek Theatre.

Theatre Review: Kinky Boots at The Adelphi, London.

Performance Date: 9th August 2017  Based on the 2005 film and inspired by the true story of Steve Pateman's shoe factory, Kinky Boots, has taken the theatre world by storm. From the moment the show opened the energy on stage was electric with it's vibrant costumes, energetic choreography and exceptional score. It is a true extravaganza. The … More Theatre Review: Kinky Boots at The Adelphi, London.