Performance Critique essay with annotations from lecturer.

I am going to be adding some of the essays that I have completed in my first year of university in an attempt to help guide first students into academic writing. The feedback from the lecturers that marked this essay is at the bottom of the page. Take note of the feedback that has been … More Performance Critique essay with annotations from lecturer.

Tadeusz Kantor 

Tadeusz Kantor was born in the small town of Weilopole and lived through both World wars. He began his artistic career training primarily as a visual artist which may give an explanation as to why his theatrical work was so visually stimulating. Founder of the company Cricot 2, Kantor worked with actors who were not … More Tadeusz Kantor 

Pina Bausch 

Pina Bausch’s work with the ‘Tanztheatre Wuppertal’ was emotionally and psychologically expressive; freeing herself and her dancers from the constraints of classical ballet; the company was quite controversial, to begin with, and challenged the conventional expectations of dance. But it gradually gained recognition internationally and has since been a huge influence on the development of dance globally. … More Pina Bausch